November 2022

Working as a junior doctor in primary care here in Trinidad. My interest has shifted from family medicine to histopathology and I’m trying to get a placement in that department. I’ve also begun studying for the PLAB licensing exam to be able to specialise in pathology via the UK.

Otherwise, of the myriad of projects that I want to get done, the ones that I’m currently focusing on are:

Digital workspace

  • I would like to have a digital workspace studio where I can help persons with digital organization and productivity. I’m working through if I still want to be a Certified Notion Consultant or what direction I should go with this.
  • Creating weekly unscripted videos exploring digital workspaces and tools on YouTube.
  • Implementing a workflow for taking smart notes.


  • My aim is to read at least 1 philosophy related resource or book monthly. This month I’m reading Byung-Chul Han’s work.
  • Curating and selling books at Cafe of Musings.


I likely will not meet my Goodreads challenge goal for 2022 but I haven’t given up yet. 🤞🏾