Rethinking my EDC

My current everyday carry bag is a simple black and white striped tote bag from Society 6. The items that I need to have with me once I leave the house are:

  1. Umbrella
  2. Wallet
  3. Keys
  4. Pocketbook
  5. Pen
  6. Water bottle
  7. Phone
  8. Kindle
  9. Lactaid

Optional items include hand sanitizer and hand cream.

When I do leave the house, I’m usually traveling to the trail for exercise. I would like to have a bag that doesn’t hang from my shoulder, has an easily accessible pocket to store traveling money and keys, and that I can use on the trail as well.

I’m looking into purchasing a Bellroy Sling. A sling allows for hands free carry and should not be much of a hamper on the trail. I can also remove the items that I don’t need on the trail, leaving them in the car before starting (umbrella, pocketbook, pen and kindle).

I’ve accumulated 3 Bellroy products thus far and I love each one.

Their products are durable and have a minimal yet functional design.

Bellroy offers quite a few sling options and I’ve narrowed them down to the following:


This is their basic sling. The 7L size should hold my bulkier items (umbrella and water bottle) well but I’m wondering if it’s too large for the trail.

Price $99 USD = $672.00 TTD

Lite Sling

Lighter means easier to carry on the trail. My two queries with this one are:

The “expandable gusset that self-compresses” doesn’t appear to compress as well as the Sling, giving it a bulkier appearance when worn crossbody.

The material does not look as premium as the Sling.

Price $85 USD = $577.00 TTD

Sling Mini

4L capacity looks ideal for the trail when I just need to have the essential items but I’m unsure if this will fit my umbrella and kindle.

Price $89 USD = $604.00 TTD

Of course, now I’ve also realised that Bellroy has Samsung phone cases and I’m considering one for my S22+. Why did I go exploring their accessories? I don’t need a new case as my current Otterbox does the job well enough, but their navy blue or “basalt” case looks beautiful.


hj January 30, 2023 Reply

Its not important but the classic pouch link is linked to the wallet link 😂. January 30, 2023 Reply

Thank you for pointing that out!

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