Maximize your Life Experiences by Dying with Zero

At the beginning of September 2020, my partner and I decided to start reading one finance related book every month to enhance our overall financial knowledge. For the first month, I chose Die with Zero by Bill Perkins after hearing about the book during an episode of Tea with GaryVee. I was intrigued by the concept and eagerly embarked on my journey of learning to “maximize net fulfillment, over net worth.”

Here’s what I enjoyed about the book:

  • The “recommendations” section at the end of each chapter prompted me to introspect and to consider my current relationship with money as well as the experiences that I want money to provide. Two questions that I refer to frequently since reading the book are:

What experiences in my life have yielded memory dividends? What is the best way to allocate my life energy before I die?

  • The author provides tools and frameworks for you to begin walking in the direction of dying with zero. From the tools provided, my favourites are the online applications that can be used to visualize the concepts in the book.

The main drawback for me with this book centered around the repetitive writing style. As I read, I found that the same concepts were being emphasized repeatedly, thus taking me longer to mentally push through those parts and to keep reading.

Valuable Take-aways

Decide what makes you happy and then convert your money into the experiences you choose. The goal is to maximize fulfilment across your life span. Your money represents life energy. Life energy is all the hours that you’re alive to do things — and whenever you work, you spend some of that finite life energy.The goal isn’t to maximize wealth but rather to maximize your life experiences.

Time Bucket Planner Notion Template

I created this simple template in Notion for me to easily input the life experiences that I want to have into the ideal time period.

Adding life experiences to the time bucket planner Notion template.

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