5 YouTubers that have sparked joy over the past month

Seve – Sunny Kind Journey

  • Seve’s videos center around slow living and minimalism. Since finding his channel, I believe I now have a deeper understanding of what slow living entails. It’s about using your time intentionally – protecting space to think about what really matters to you and not being swept along by the views and opinions of the masses. His perspective was a reminder that I don’t need much to live a happy life.

According to Nicole

  • Nicole shares videos on many topics that I find interesting: minimalism, personal finance, simple living and side hustles. Her perspective is practical and she’s not afraid to say exactly what’s on her mind which is refreshing. What I like most is her independence: she’s self-employed, living alone and doing things mostly for herself. She’s also quite funny and her dog Levi is absolutely adorable.

Angie on Tour

  • I came across Angie’s channel a few days ago via the algorithm. In her videos, she documents her travels as she explores National Parks around America in her 2016 Toyota Corolla. Angie reminds me a lot of myself – introverted and curious to live life unscripted. I enjoy her quirky humor, storytelling and honest opinions. I’ve tried to pinpoint exactly what about this nomadic lifestyle that I feel drawn to. Maybe it’s the extreme minimalism or the freedom to explore while the majority of people are at their 9-5s. Maybe it’s Angie’s bravery to dive headfirst into the unknown. Either way, I’m glad I found her channel to follow along on her journey. Also, her voice is almost identical to Lucy (Raj’s girlfriend) from season 6 of The Big Bang Theory.

Jared Henderson

  • Jared is a philosopher whose channel covers more than just philosophy – he also talks about note-taking, reading and journaling. His videos remind me to read philosophy instead of using my free time to wander the internet and go down various YouTube rabbit holes.

Curly’s Curated

  • Curly and I became friends after I came across his podcast via Twitter. I reached out to him via DM to let him know how much I resonated with the episode and it turns out we have quite a lot in common. We even did a podcast episode together where we spoke about digital tools and creativity. Curly’s channel features videos on EDC, digital tools and cool physical items like the Supernote A5X and Fujifilm cameras.

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